Co-producted by Red Corner and Arte, SENS VR is the first virtually video game adapted from a comic book. It is available since october 2016 in the IOS stores, Google Play and Oculus mobile (Samsung Gear VR). The production of SENS VR was not only a creative and technological challenge, but also an occasion to experiment new forms of distribution around the VR. 

Production : Red Corner & ARTE France
Authorsx : Charles AyatsArmand Lemarchand et Marc-Antoine Mathieu

La tentation de Saint Antoine en 360° et en VR

The 360° experience of La tentation de Saint Antoine explores the uncanny creativity of Hieronymus Bosch. For the year of 2016 that marks the 500th anniversary of the Dutch painter's death, his triptych turns into a virtual animated space to be discovered in an original way. A dive into one of the masterpieces of this indisputable genius of the Middle Ages. 

Realization : Carlos Franklin
Co-production : ARTE France et Les Poissons Volants.

Mozart 360

Arte - Camera Lucida - Insula orchestra

Using VR and 3D sound technology, Mozart 360 invites you to an immersive experience at the core of the sound matter. Experiment it side by side with musicians, move through the orchestra, and live a « physical reading » of the musical piece. 

Poetry in motion

Based on the installation Re-verse by sound artist Halsey Burgund, this virtual-reality work explores Harvard Yard amidst the voices of dead poets recorded during the last century. Created by Isabelle Raynauld. 

Production et realization : Isabelle Raynauld


Three women and four men, all naked, appear in a white, sunny space, out of time. They meet, touch each other and share their energy. They are spiritualy transformed in order to melt into the universe. 

Production and realization : Michel Reilhac

Small Wonders – (présenté avec la technologie du Seneca College) 

Immerse yourself inside a prayer bead and explore the intricate carvings made visible through the power of micro-computed tomography (micro- CT) and virtual reality. This piece allows for the first time to move through, around and within one of these small wonders. 
In the press

VR Creative : Priam Givord
Production : CFC Media Lab - Art Galleri of Ontario - Seneca's School of Creartive Arts and Animation

Stranger with Patrick Watson

A one-on-one encounter with celebrated musician Patrick Watson at his Montreal studio. Winner of the 2014 Proto Award for Best Live Action Virtual Reality Experience. 

Developers : Felix & Paul Studios

Wild - The experience

Enter the world of Fox Searchlight’s Wild, in an exceptionally intimate moment between Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern’s characters along the Pacific Coast trail. 

Developers : Felix & Paul Studios