July 30th, 2017 - 9 PM

Village au Pied-du-Courant 

Screening of Sky is the Limit followed by a  discussion between Sterling Downey, Miss Me and Osti One (K6A crew)


Sky is the Limit

Jérôme Thomas / France / 2017 / 100 min / français
The documentary narrates the history of international muralism as a growing worldwide phenomenon as todays neo-muralist movement. The filmmaker worked with ten talented artists from around the globe with interviews about the way they define what they do and why they do it, weather and technical challenges, authorities, reactions from residents and some more.

Screning followed by a discussion about "Evolution of a movement: discussion about street art, graffiti and muralism". 
Guests: Sterling Downey, cofounder of Under Pressure festival, municipal councillor of Verdun, and the street artist Miss Me. Moderator : Osti One (K6A crew).

Au Pied-du-Courant village