The International Festival of Films on Art - 39TH Edition from March 16 to 28, 2021


Philippe U. del Drago
Executive and Artistic Director
Evelynne Desfossés
Executive Assistant
Mireille N'gouan


Jacinthe Brisebois
Director of Programming of art films
Nicole Gingras
Head of Programming | FIFA Experimental
Maxime Labrecque
Year-round activities programmer
Jérôme Rocipon
Programmer | Music Videos
Emile Bonetti
Coordinator of Programming and Guests
Laura Tremblay
Project manager for professional activities


Maxime Gazeau
Production Manager
Patrice Malo
Technical Manager
Manon Assens
Ticketing and Volunteer Manager


Isabelle Huiban
Director of Communications, Marketing and Partnerships
Perrine Louati
Communications and Partnerships Assistant
Chiara Guimond
Digital Communications Coordinator
Florence Herbaut
Communications and Partnerships Coordinator
Niels Ulrich
Digital Community Manager
Samuel Charpentier
Designer graphique
Emmanuel Grangé
Laurence Rajotte-Soucy
Press Officer | RuGicomm agency
Frédérique St-Pierre
Press Officer | RuGicomm agency
Bénédicte Jutras
Press Officer | RuGicomm agency


Clément Delacroix
Associate for digital broadcasts
Francis Joly
Digital broadcast assistant