Art of documentary : 60 years of direct cinema by its artists

In 1958, a new form of art expression was born at the National Film Board of Canada (ONF): Direct Cinema. 60 years later, it's time to celebrate its anniversary with its artisans and successors from all origins and generations. 10 documentary filmmakers present film sequences from the NFB collections, illustrating its introduction to the Direct Cinema: Josée Beaudet, Maurice Bulbulian, Jean-François Caissy, Claude Demers, Jacques Leduc, Catherine Hébert, Jean-Pierre Masse and Annie St-Pierre.

Nadine Beaudet and Danic Champoux ​also present a short screening of their work-in-progress:  La Fille du cratère the quest for identity of  Yolande Simard-Perrault and its impact on filmmaker Pierre Perrault.

► Introduced by Colette Loumède, Luc Bourdon and Anita Hugi.

Sunday March 11th, 3:00pm, Screening #19

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
         Auditorium Maxwell-Cummings
        1379 Sherbrooke West Street, Montreal, QC, H3G 1J5

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