149th and Grand Concourse

United States | 2016 | 3 min
Producer: Carolyn London
Sound: Diego Quinten
Production: Andy London


The film will be available for free screening from Friday, March 9 on the website of La Fabrique culturelle

Montreal Premiere

The duo behind The Lost Tribes of New York City presents a new, unique, and fun animated documentary. This short film illustrates every day objects singing in the effervescent South Bronx atmosphere. An animated portrait of New York, with a vibrant and frenetic urban backdrop.


Andy & Carolyn London

Andy and Carolyn London are writers, directors, animators and co-founders of London Squared Productions, and reside in Long Island City, New York. Since 1999, they’ve been creating films, music videos, and animated content. Their film The Lost Tribes of New York City was featured in the MoMA show Talk to Me, an exhibition on the communication between people, technology, and objects.
Filmography | Our Crappy Town (2016) ; Highway of Hell (2014) ; Grand Central Diary (2009) ; Alloys (2009) ; Wonder Why (2009) ; Made You Cringe (2009) ; The Lost Tribes of New York City (2009) ; A Letter to Colleen (2007) ; I'm in the Mood for Death (2007) ; The Back Brace (2004) ; Subway Salvation (2003).

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Screenings playing this movie

Centre Canadien d’Architecture – Théâtre Paul-Desmarais / Canadian Centre for Architecture – Paul-Desmarais Theatre
Screening # 9
Presented by Provencher Roy