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360° Figaro

Germany | 2018 | 24 min
Italian | Subtitles in English
Other: Jonathan Groß, Aya Ishihara, Anna Khubashvili, Christoph Schlüren, Marius Sireteanu
Costume: Olivia Schuler-Voith
Cast: Matthias Hausmann, Valentina Stadler, Olena Tokar, Jacquelyn Wagner
Cinematographer: Thomas Bresinsky
Sound: Thomas Koch
Designer: Sascha Gross
Director: Jan Schmidt-Garre
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FIFA Interactive


“At once the theatre transforms itself into a sun”, a stage direction by Mozart reads. Gazing at the sun can be beautiful but what would it be like to actually see it from inside? The 360° camera promises such a peek.

“360° Figaro” is a 20 min music film shot in virtual reality: an opera scene, for the first time conceived and staged exclusively for this new medium, live performed both vocally and instrumentally, recorded by a binaural sound recording technique. A series of scenes—coherent in itself—will be taken and shot from the beginning of Act II of Mozart’s Le nozze di Figaro. Instead of having a conventional centrifugal angle like in an arena, our point of view is a centripetal one. The viewer will be placed right in the centre of the performance which is staged exclusively for him.

Berlinale, Germany (2019)


Jan Schmidt-Garre

Jan Schmidt-Garre, film and opera director, producer.

Studied directing with Noelte, Ponnelle and Esrig and at the Munich Film Academy (department of
feature films). He studied philosophy at the University of Philosophy. Opera productions in Germany and Switzerland.

He has made numerous documentaries and feature films on the subjects of music, dance and
contemporary art. His films have been screened in thirty different countries, shown at cinemas and
released on Laser Disc and DVD (edition with Arthaus Musik) and online. Most recent screenings in cinemas include: "Breath of the Gods".

Awards at Deutscher Filmpreis (nomination), at the Chicago Film Festival (Silver Medal), at Midem in Cannes (Midem Classical Award), Monte Carlo (Dance Screen), Munich (Förderpreis), Ohio
(Columbus Award), Paris (Classique en images), and Prague (Czech Crystal).

Biographies have been provided by third parties.
Filmography | 360° Figaro (2018) ; Absolute Zero (2002) ; Aida’s Brothers & Sisters (1999) ; L’amour de Furtwängler (2004) ; Belcanto – Les ténors au temps du 78 tours (1996)

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360° Figaro
FIFA Interactive

360° Figaro

Germany | 24 min | 2018

Italian | Subtitles in English

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FIFA Interactive

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