Apatride – Klaus Rózsa, photographe

Switzerland | 2016 | 96 min
German, Hungarian | Subtitles in French
Cinematography: Ueli Nüesch
Distribution: Ariadnefilm
Editing: Ruth Schläpfer
Music: André Bellmont
Producer: Erich Schmid
Sound: Dieter Meyer
Production: Ariadnefilm


A well-known and politically active photographer, Klaus Rózsa lived as a stateless person in Zurich for decades. His three applications for naturalization were all refused on political grounds: he disrupted police work by taking photographs of police abuse. Strongly affected by the fate of his Jewish father, who survived the concentration camps of Auschwitz and Dachau, Klaus Rózsa battled injustice within the state. He later fought for media freedom in Switzerland, where he was so often harassed and beaten by the police that in 2008 he emigrated to Budapest. This film profile by Erich Schmid delves into the notions of freedom of the press and the recognition of human rights.


Erich Schmid

Erich Schmid was born in Switzerland in 1947. After completing his studies in Zurich in 1969, he began working in journalism. From 1976 to 1986, he was a freelance reporter with Tages-Anzeiger in Zurich. In 1988, he began working as a documentary filmmaker and made his first film about Sri Lanka, followed by a series of documentaries, including Er nannte sich Surava (1995) and Meier 19 (2001). In 2008, he directed and produced a film about the socially engaged painter Max Bill, which was acclaimed in Switzerland.
Filmography | Max Bill - the Master's Vision (2008) ; Meier 19 (2001) ; He Called Himself Surava (1995) ; Confessions in Mamak (1991) ; Jeevan (1989) ; Indian Peace in Sri Lanka (1988)

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Apatride – Klaus Rózsa, photographe
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Apatride – Klaus Rózsa, photographe

Switzerland | 96 min | 2016

German, Hungarian | Subtitles in French