Art in the Twenty-First Century: Chicago

United States | 2016 | 56 min
Cinematography: Keith Walker
Editing: Aljernon Tunsil
Music: Joel Pickard
Producer: Eve Moros Ortega, Nick Ravich
Production: ART21


How does the city of Chicago inspire the artists who live there? How are the architecture, history, and character of the city reflected in their work? Which parts of the city have the most to offer artistically? In this episode from the documentary series Art in the Twenty-First Century, filmmaker Stanley Nelson presents the work of four Chicago artists: Nick Cave, Theaster Gates, Barbara Kasten and Chris Ware. They talk about the ways in which their communities ignite ideas for photographs, sculptures and drawings, and how those communities are invited by the artists to become part of the artworks themselves. In this industrial city dominated by skyscrapers, artists are changing the urban experience by experimentation and by blurring the boundaries between disciplines.


Stanley Nelson

Stanley Nelson Jr. is an American director and producer of documentary films known for examining the history and experiences of African Americans. He received the 2013 National Medal in the Humanities from President Obama and is also a MacArthur “Genius” Fellow. Stanley Nelson is co-founder and executive director of Firelight Media, a non-profit that provides technical education and professional support to emerging documentarians. He is co-founder of Firelight Films, a for-profit documentary production company
Filmography | Freedom Riders (2011), Wounded Knee (2009), Jonestown: The Life & Death of People’s Temple (2006), Sweet Honey in the Rock: Raise Your Voice (2005), A Place of Our Own (2004), The Murder of Emmett Till (2003),The Black Press: Soldiers without Swords (1998).

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