Art in the Twenty-First Century: Los Angeles

United States | 2016 | 56 min
Cinematography: Scott Anger
Distribution: ART21
Editing: Mary Ann Toman
Music: Joel Pickard
Producer: Veronique Bernard, Eve Moros Ortega
Production: ART21


While sprawling Los Angeles has world-class museums and art schools, artists working in the shadow of the entertainment industry lie more under the radar, which gives them the space and time to imagine. In this episode of the documentary series Art in the Twenty-First Century, director Deborah Dickson follows video artist Diana Thater as she prepares for a monumental exhibition at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art; sculptor Liz Larner, who constructs abstract forms from a dizzying array of materials; painter Tala Madani, whose sharply satirical works evoke clashes of culture; and Edgar Arceneaux, who investigates historical patterns through drawings, installations and multimedia events.


Deborah Dickson

Independent filmmaker Deborah Dickson has won prizes at major international festivals and has been nominated for three Academy Awards. Her films have also aired on HBO and PBS. In addition to directing and producing, Dickson teaches documentary directing at The School of Visual Arts. She directed The Lost Bird Project (2012) about sculptor Todd McGrain’s efforts to keep alive the memory of five extinct North American birds.

Filmography | Ruthie and Connie: Every Room in the House (2002), LaLee's Kin: The Legacy of Cotton (2001), Suzanne Farrell: Elusive Muse (1996).

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