Art in the Twenty-First Century: Vancouver

United States | 2016 | 56 min
Cinematography: Greg Bartels
Distribution: ART21
Editing: Mary Ann Toman
Music: Joel Pickard
Producer: Wesley Miller, Eve Moros Ortega
Production: ART21


In this film from the documentary series Art in the Twenty-First Century, artists Liz Magor, Stan Douglas, Brian Jungen and Jeff Wall consider objects, images and places and how they are represented. Their works are influenced by the city’s cultural communities, history, urban development and geography. Jeff Wall magnifies scenes captured in the city and reveals highly evocative dynamics in his huge, transparent photographic panels. By recreating historical moments, staging photos of vernacular scenes and creating intricate sculptures that trick the eye, Vancouver’s artists reveal how familiar images and objects are not always what they seem.


Pamela Mason Wagner

Pamela Mason Wagner is a director, producer and writer whose many documentary films have been broadcast on prime-time television channels, including PBS, ABC, NBC, CBS, Discovery, Discovery ID, National Geographic, History, TLC, Hallmark and MSNBC. She won a 2001 Primetime Emmy for the American Masters film about Lucille Ball: Finding Lucy (2000). Her experience with contemporary subjects and her dramatically told historical docu-dramas position her as one of New York’s most versatile non-fiction storytellers.

Filmography | Proof of Innocence (2007) ; Christmas and the Civil War (2006) ; Joan of Arc (2005) ; Patrick (2004) ; Reluctant Saint: Francis of Assisi (2003) ; American Masters (2000) ; The Mythology of 'Star Wars' (2000) ; Moyers on Addiction: Close to Home (1998) ; The Wisdom of Faith with Huston Smith: A Bill Moyers Special (1996).

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