Artistes Femmes, à la force du pinceau

France | 2015 | 53 min
French | Subtitles in English
Cinematography: Olivier Raffet
Distribution: Lucky You
Editing: Julie Martinovic
Narration: Emmanuel Curtil
Producer: Marie Balducchi
Sound: Sylvain Delecroix
Production: Ex Nihilo


Presented in partnership with Vie des Arts

From the Renaissance to the beginning of the twentieth century, documentary filmmaker Manelle Blanc looks at the lives of nine female painters who struggled to achieve recognition as artists.Through their ingenuity and courage, they somehow managed to win the respect of their peers during their lifetime. But what place do they hold today in the history of art? The film also sheds light on the subjective nature of the official story. Moving from painting to painting and through various eras and styles, with commentary by a number of art experts, this finely crafted documentary tells a little-known story that is long overdue: that of women who left their mark as painters.


Manuelle Blanc

Manuelle Blanc is a French filmmaker who was born in 1968. After studies in political science, she worked as an audiovisual production assistant. In the 2000s, she began making documentaries about the playwright’s process and the world of choreographers. She then made a documentary series about the resurgence of puppet theatres around the world, as well as two films about the place of female artists in the history of Western art. She is currently working on a portrait of filmmaker Ingmar Bergman.
Filmography | Ingmar Bergman : derrière le masque (en cours) ; Primitifs (2016) ; (A)pollonia (2014) ; Cartel (2014) ; Neville Tranter : la voix de son maître (2013) ; Handspring Puppet cie : sans langue de bois (2013) ; Frank Soehnle : filiation poétique (2013) ; 13H avec vous (2012) ; Face aux fauves (2011).

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Artistes Femmes, à la force du pinceau
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Artistes Femmes, à la force du pinceau

France | 53 min | 2015

French | Subtitles in English

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