Au-delà des mots, le cinéma de Joachim Lafosse


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French | Subtitles in English
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North American Premiere – Director and producer in attendance

Sixth documentary from the “Cinéastes d’aujourd’hui” collection, this film dives into a cinematographic odyssey. In approximately 60 minutes, Luc Jabon shares with us the world of his former screenwriting student at the Institut des arts de diffusion, in Belgium. It’s the story of a man retelling the story of man. Joachim constantly seeks to understand humanity, through its weaknesses, its violence, and its fragility, but also through its desire to rally and pacify. To plunge into Joachim Lafosse’s filmography, which represents 7 fiction films shot over 15 years, is to see him at work filming and editing his pieces. It also shows the limits with which the ever-burgeoning filmmaker must deal.

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