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Behind The Wall

Canada | 2018 | 47 min
Cinematography: Larry Raskin, Michael Slobodian
Editing: Michael Slobodian
Artists: Yvan Dubreuil, Emily Molnar, Sylvain Senez, Alexander Burton, Emily Chessa, Darren Devaney, Dario Dinuzzi, Thibaut Eiferman, Livona Ellis Alexis Fletcher, Scott Fowler, Connor Gnam, Daniel Marshalsay, Rachel Meyer, Racheal Prince, Gilbert Small, Peter Smida, Makaila Wallace
Choreography: Johan Inger
Director: Larry Raskin


World Premiere - In attendance of the Director Larry Raskin and the Co-producer Michael Slobodian.

Shot during rehearsals for Johan Inger’s famous choreography, Walking Mad, this documentary gives viewers a privileged look at the dancers of Ballet BC. Led by noted choreographer and dramaturge Yvan Dubreuil, the artists plunge into a beautiful journey of exploration, deconstructing every movement to powerfully capture the spirit of the work. The film immerses viewers in the preparation for this famous show and brings the dancers’ great passion to life.


Larry Raskin

Larry Raskin is a Vancouver based writer/director/producer whose career in film and television spans 30 years. His credits include the Netflix Original live action/CG animation hybrid series "ReBoot: The Guardian Code," the documentary series "Yukon Gold," "Ice Pilots NWT," and "The 100-Mile Challenge," and the feature film "Montreal Vu Par..." "Behind The Wall" is his first dance documentary.
Filmography | Behind The Wall (2018) ;ReBoot: The Guardian Code (2017) ;16 Yukon Gold (2014-16); Keeping Canada Alive (2015); Ice Pilots NWT (2009-14) ; Make Or Break TV (2009) ;True Pulp Murder (2008); PSI Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal (1996-2000) ;The Adventures of Sinbad (1997); We the Jury (1996) ; Montreal Vu Par... (1991)

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