Bloody Daughter


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Spotlight: Music. Tribute to Idéale Audience.
Presented for the first time at FIFA, this film by director Stéphanie Argerich offers a captivating view of her matriarchal family that tends to stand out from the ordinary. Daughter of piano giants Martha Argerich and Stephen Kovacevich, the director never truly was acknowledged by her father. Since her very youth, she developed a fusional bond with her mother, whom she would accompany in all her travels and film upon reaching her teenage years. On the other hand, as he did not live with them, her father was more distant, even though their ties would grow stronger over time. However, the main subject of Bloody Daughter, the playful nickname that the American pianist would give to Stéphanie, is the relationship between an acclaimed mother, who acts as both a pillar and an unruly child, close but inaccessible, and her three daughters. A self-portrait of an intense and thrilling clan.

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