Braille Music

United Kingdom | 2017 | 81 min
Cinematography: Michael House, Ella Finch, Greg Hargest
Distribution: Poorhouse International
Editing: Michael House, Juliette Andrews
Music: Zoe Dixon
Producer: Michael House
Sound: Michael House, Ella Finch, Greg Hargest
Production: Poorhouse International


Six blind professional musicians aged 17 to 65 gather in a London studio to create and record a musical tribute to Louis Braille, inventor of the tactile reading system for the blind, which has been the universal language of the visually impaired since 1860. The musicians travel to Paris to discover the fascinating history of Braille, a talented organist, and his musical life. All the people who appear in this film by Michael House are blind. The film sheds light on how, through the use of new technologies, braille now offers universal access to written information and music.


Michael House

Michael House is an American filmmaker and composer who lives in Italy. Since 2008, his films have been broadcasted in more than a dozen countries and have been shown at film festivals such as the Telluride International Film Festival, FIFA and the London BFI International LGBT Film Festival. In 2013, House's film Revealing Mr. Maugham (2012) was chosen by Monocle Magazine as one of the five must-see films of the year.
Filmography | I Remember Herb Caen (2015) ; Fred Lyon: Living Through the Lens (2013) ; Revealing Mr. Maugham (2012) ; Meeting Shakespeare (2012) ; The Magnificent Tati (2009) ; Eugène and Berenice - Pioneers of Urban Photography (2008).

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Braille Music
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Braille Music

United Kingdom | 81 min | 2017