Brasília, Life After Design


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Presented in partnership with VIA RAIL

Quebec Premiere – Director and producer in attendance

How does it feel to live in someone else’s dream? Nestled 2,000 km away from Amazonia and 18 hours out of Rio de Janeiro, the city of Brasília, Brazil’s capital, is a mythical place that was once only an idealized city. In 1956, hot on the tail of a democratic renewal, visionary architect Oscar Niemeyer and urbanist Lucio Costa drew up a city plan and its installations in order to micromanage the daily activities of human life in a living space remodelled to fit the modern Brazilian citizen. Nowadays, the city acts as a backdrop in a tale of social isolation and changing values within a gigantic country. Punctuated by a mesmerizing, intimate soundtrack, and images that will bring you deep within the heart of the metropolis, this film illustrates a utopian ideal that has come to life in today’s modern times.

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