The International Festival of Films on Art - 39TH Edition from March 16 to 28, 2021

Bye Bye Now

Canada | 2019 | 10 min
- Without dialogue
Cinematography: Louise Bourque
Editing: Louise Bourque, Guillaume Vallée
Participation: Jean-Claude Bourque, Philippe Léonard, Maria José Shériff, Joe Gibbons
Sound: Louise Bourque
Concept: Louise Bourque
Director: Louise Bourque
Categories :
FIFA Experimental


World Premiere - In attendance of the Director Louise Bourque

Waving hello to the filming cameraperson, the subjects, through this very gesture, are also, in some way, providing a future viewer with the acknowledgment of a constant good-bye to a fleeting moment. Yet when the film is projected and the captured gesture is seen it’s as if they are saying hello again from the past in the now of the projection. This film is an homage to the man behind the camera in these personal family archives, the artist’s father, who left her this heritage beyond mortality in the traces of past lives.


Louise Bourque

Filmography | Auto Portrait / Self Portrait Post Partum (2013-2017) ; A Little Prayer (H-E-L-P) (2011) ; Remains (2011) ; The Visitation (2011) ; L’éclat du mal/The Bleeding Heart of It (2005) ; The Producer (2004) ; Jours en fleurs (2003) ; Self Portrait Post Mortem (2002) ; Going Back Home (2000) ; Fissures (1999) ; Imprint (1997) ; The People In The House (1994) ; Just Words (1991) ; Jolicoeur Touriste (1989) ; La Noce de Los Tiempos (1985)

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