City Manifesto

France | 2016 | 7 min
French, English, German, Swedish | Subtitles in French
Cinematography: Mathias Bones, Xavier Blandt, Julia Mingo
Distribution: To Be Continued
Editing: Gwénaël Giard Barbelin, Julien Fritsch, Mathias Bones
Producer: Vincent Brançon
Production: To Be Continued


City Manifesto proposes a conquest of cities through “artivism” all around the world, offering a new vision of life in a megalopolis.
A webserie of eight 7 minutes episodes.


Mathias Bones

From exploring street art to skateboarding and urban hacking, Mathias Bones combines all disciplines into a single focus: a city that is reclaiming its rights. In his work, he likes to explore a world in perpetual motion. A keen observer of the emergence of urban countercultures, he made several episodes of the Web series 5 minutes (2014-2016) about graffiti for ARTE Creative, as well as two independent documentaries.
Filmography | Dj Rosa Pistola (2017) ; Humanster (2017) ; 5MINUTES (2014-2016) ; ECRIS! (2015) ; Va voir rails heures (2014) ; Urbano festival (2012) ; Memories on a Screen (2012) ; 22h22 (2011) ; We Love Winter (2011) ; Second Life (2008).

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City Manifesto

France | 7 min | 2016

French, English, German, Swedish | Subtitles in French