The International Festival of Films on Art Online - 38th edition from March 17 to 29, 2020

Coup de feu

France | 2015 | 2 min
French | Subtitles in English
Composer: John De Buck
Director: Jérôme De Gerlache


Backstage in the kitchen of a Michelin-starred restaurant, Le Septime in Paris. Although it looks chaotic, the place is described by the narrator as being in search of an “ideal choreography.” The plot, music, and narration offer viewers an informative glimpse of this environment.


Jérôme De Gerlache

Filmography | French Miracle Tour (2015); Heart of Glass (2015); Precious things are very few (2017); Tracking Apashe (2016) ; Glas (2015) ; Ku de fo (2015) ; La faille (2013); 96 Boxing Club (2013); BiG (2012); Do you want to know more about Belgium ? (2010); Sérieuses références demandées (2010) ; à prendre ou à laisser (2010); L’entretien ( 2009); Constance ou la gueule de l’emploi (2014)

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