Dansen i Os

Denmark | 2017 | 46 min
Danish, English, Chinese | Subtitles in English
Cinematography: Karin Priergaard Worsøe
Cast: Ann Crosset, Isabel Dokkedal, Eva Drews Bloch, Laura Kragelund, Luna Lerche, Elvira Lundgren Thomsen, Henriette Muus, Sarah Louise Runge
Sound mixing: MOB Vision
Editing: Line Schou
Cinematographer: Helle Pagter
Producer: Regitze Oppenhejm
Sound: Sophia Maj
Composer: Sophia Maj


North American Premiere

Six teenagers from the Royal Danish Ballet school and their teacher, Ann Crosset, travel from Denmark to China in order to initiate a group of young dancers from the Beijing Dance Academy to their less than conventional pedagogy. The technique requires that the dancers use creative problem-solving as a starting point for their own artistic growth. This short film paints the portrait of a unique training method resulting in accomplished and well-performing artists. Sensible and interiorized, this film demonstrates a creative process that stems from an inspiring teacher’s vision, choreographer August Bournonville’s legacy, and each dancer’s personal belongings.


Helle Pagter

Director Helle Pagter is a dancer-turned-filmmaker who makes films within the realms of documentary and experimental art. She has directed projects such as the original first season of Married at First Sight, and is part of the artists collective Blue Tit Productions as well as the reflective laboratory Pagter & Worsøe. She is also a sought after teacher and consultant.
Filmography | We Are the Young Homeless (2016) ; We Are What You Have Lost (2015) ; Married at First Sight (2013) ; Look See Me (2012) ; Deja Vu (2011) ; She’s Got a Camera Strapped to Her Center (2011) ; The Wild Swans Backstage (2009) ; Prince Nikolai (2009).

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Dansen i Os
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Dansen i Os

Denmark | 46 min | 2017

Danish, English, Chinese | Subtitles in English