The International Festival of Films on Art - 39TH Edition from March 16 to 28, 2021

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| 2020 | 97 min
Director: Kevin Elamrani-Lince, Martin Sagadin, Federico Lamas, Jodeb, Global Studio, Alex Gargot, VIRA LATA, Raman Djafari, Roxanne Gaucherand, Jean-Vital Joliat, Théophile Boutin, Jacques Auberger, Mathieu Fortin, Balázs Simon, Alice Kong, Bálint Barcsai, Michael Hili, Gilbert Bannerman, Simon Jung, Thibaut Duverneix, Robin Lachenal
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FIFA Video Clips


Some of these music videos are available online HERE

For the first time since its foundation, FIFA has chosen to open up to the art of music videos by inviting Jérôme Rocipon to become the curator of this new section for this 38th edition. As he likes to point out, "Since the 1980s, the video clip has become a unique cultural marker for several generations. It has instinctively known how to show and share itself to a growing audience, largely on its own. Despite this, craftspeople of the genre generally remain in the shadow of the artists they showcase, contenting themselves, for the most part, with the place of promotional tool assigned to the video clip, which thus remains at best a sample of their skills. »

+ video clips
This year, FIFA brings you the best of the video clip for 2020, all in the space of one showing! Expect stories, languages, artistic crossover… and most of all, a freedom and international outlook that allow for a highly subjective selection. Get an insight into the creative forces behind this genre, on the big screen where it belongs. More video clips!

Video clips:
Dodi El Sherbini - Accident / Europe année zéro
Direction: Kevin Elamrani-Lince

Aldous Harding - Zoo Eyes
Direction: Martin Sagadin
New Zealand

RAMZi - Attak Mousaillon
Direction: Federico Lamas

Bibi Zhou - Lunar
Direction: Jodeb
Québec (Canada)

Fils Cara - Cigogne
Direction: Global Studio

Cora Novoa - State Of Mind
Direction: Alex Gargot

Marrakesh - Defectively
Direction: VIRA LATA

FJAAK - Snow
Direction: Raman Djafari

Oklou - Forever
Direction: Roxanne Gaucherand

HEÏKA - Tu avais de l'avance sur ton temps
Direction: Jean-Vital Joliat
Québec (Canada)

Jacques - Hoohoohoo Hahaha
Direction: Théophile Boutin et Jacques Auberger

Jacques Greene : Do It Without You, Stars
Direction: Mathieu Fortin
Québec (Canada)

Leifur James - Wurlitzer
Direction: Balázs Simon

Dune & Crayon (ft Ichon) - Pointless
Direction: Alice Kong

Faq - Sunday
Direction: Bálint Barcsai

Kirin J Callinan - The Whole of the Moon
Direction: Michael Hili

Jerkcurb - Timelapse Tulip
Direction: Gilbert Bannerman
United Kingdom

Viagra Boys - Sports
Direction: Simon Jung

Tierra Whack - Whack World
Direction: Thibaut Duverneix
Québec (Canada)

Frustration - When does a banknote start to burn ?
Direction: Robin Lachenal

Nicolet - Dans l’étang filtrait la lumière
Direction : Charles-André Coderre


Jérôme Rocipon

Jérôme Rocipon came to Montréal in 2003, where he became the singer of electronic band Numéro#. After studying documentary filmmaking at the Institut national de l’image et du son, he worked as a columnist, researcher and radio producer. In 2019, he released his first film, Coucou l’artiste.

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