Des ailes et des ombres

Switzerland | 2016 | 63 min
Cinematography: Nicolas Chèvre
Distribution: Signe Productions
Editing: Nicolas Chèvre, Claude Stadelmann
Producer: Claude Stadelmann
Sound: Charles Montini
Production: Signe Productions


Visual artist and set designer René Myrha and writer Rose-Marie Pagnard both hail from Delémont, Switzerland. In the 1960s, they moved to Basel, where became actively involved in the city’s cultural community. In an old farmhouse in Canton Jura, which they converted into a light-filled workspace, they share their lives, mutually influencing and shaping their respective works. Their wealth of paintings and writings fuels the imagination, and the presentation of this material immediately assumes the form of acts and scenes from an opera when they begin working with Guy Montavon, stage director and director of Theater Erfurt in Germany.


Claude Stadelmann

After teaching literature, participating in cultural activities and playwriting, Claude Stadelmann has been making films and audiovisual productions as a writer-director and producer for close to 30 years. Passionate about writing, he enjoys storytelling and the characters that make up a story. Like an artisan, he crafts a “sound and image object” from start to finish, driven by desire and using the imagination as a tool. Over time, he has mastered the structure of the fiction film.
Filmography | Oscar Wiggli, sculpteur et composition (2013-2014) ; Rolf Iseli dialogue avec les traces du temps (2012) ; Paleo Jura, une chance unique (2012) ; Envers et contre...Tout (2011) ; Vice/Versa (2008 - 2009) ; Le bonheur est dans le Sundgau... (2007 - 2008) ; Le merveilleux existe, je l'ai rencontré (2005) ; Préludes (2004) ; 506 Bois de rose (2001) ; Le palais de l'équilibre (1999 - 2002).

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UQAM - Salle Jean-Claude Lauzon
Screening # 18
Des ailes et des ombres
FIFA Grand Panorama

Des ailes et des ombres

Switzerland | 63 min | 2016


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FIFA Grand Panorama

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Spain | 15 min | 2014

French | Subtitles in English