Didi Contractor – Marrying the Earth to the Building


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English, German, Hindi | Subtitles in English
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Presented in partnership with SWISS FILMS and Provencher_Roy

North American Premiere

Spotlight: Country – Switzerland. At the foot of the Himalayas, in North-East India, Didi Contractor dreams of drawing and draws dreams. At 86, the highly-skilled architect has passionately intertwined, for the last 20 years, concepts that do not always correspond to her employers’ expectations. Mixing traditional and modern architecture, her installations are made out of clay, bamboo, slate, or even cobblestone, a testimony to her respect for nature. Still working day and night, she puts on paper the broad lines behind her ideas, drawn in perfect proportion, in order to create durable architectural pieces both in terms of ecology and economy. This Swiss documentary introduces us to an inspiring woman whose work brings in students from around the globe who wish to discover her unique way of rethinking architecture. A communion between land and lodging.

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