The International Festival of Films on Art - 39TH Edition from March 16 to 28, 2021


Belgium | 2019 | 35 min
English, Dutch, Greek | Subtitles in French
Sound mixing: Maxime Thomas
Editing: Effi Weiss
Music: Seppe Gebruers
Cinematographer: Sarah Vanagt, Jonathan Wannyn
Sound: Sarah Vanagt
Director: Sarah Vanagt


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North American Premiere

Can the future be read in randomly encountered abstract patterns ? Children from around the world answer the question by giving their honest visions of the signs they find in their cities.

Doclisboa - Festival Internacional de Cinema Documental, Portugal (2019)
IFFR – International Film Festival Rotterdam, Netherlands (2020)


Sarah Vanagt

Sarah Vanagt (1976) makes documentaries, video installations and photos, in which she combines her interest for history with her interest for (the origins of) cinema. Her work includes films such as After Years of Walking (2003), Little Figures (2003), Begin Began Begun (2005), Boulevard d'Ypres (2010), The Corridor (2010), Dust Breeding (2013); and video installations such as Les Mouchoirs de Kabila (2005), Power Cut (2007), Ash Tree (2007).
Her work is shown at film festivals (FidMarseille, Viennale, Doclisboa, Idfa Amsterdam, Rencontres Internationales Paris/Madrid/Berlin, Hors Pistes Centre Pompidou), and in museums (Frankfurter Kunstverein, Fact Liverpool, NGBK Berlin, Shedhalle Zürich). The silent short film Girl with a fly (2013) was first shown at the 5th Biennale of Moscow. The films In Waking Hours (2015) and Still Holding Still (2015) premiered at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. The installation Showfish was presented in M HKA, the Museum for Contemporary Art of Antwerp in October 2016. Vanagt's new film DIVINATIONS had its Belgian avant-première at the opening night of the festival Courtisane in Ghent (3 April 2019).

Biographies have been provided by third parties.
Filmography | Divinations (2019) ; Alle de tranen / Every Tear / Toute larme (2018) ; Still holding still (2015) ; In Waking Hours (2015)

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Centre Canadien d’Architecture - Théâtre Paul-Desmarais
Screening # 19
FIFA Official selection - Feature Film


Belgium | 35 min | 2019

English, Dutch, Greek | Subtitles in French

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