Écriture(s) vivante(s)

Canada | 2017 | 23 min
Author: Pascal Chevarie
Cinematography: Marie Davignon, François Messier-Rheault, Étienne Roussy
Distribution: Sandra Coppola
Editing: Sophie Benoit Sylvestre, Sandra Coppola
Music: Vincent Letellier
Producer: Sandra Coppola
Sound: Cyril Bourseaux, Guillaume Daoust, Ian Ellemo
Production: Sandra Coppola


Inspired by improvisation, Montreal director Éric Jean takes a unique approach to his plays. In 2011, he presented Emovere, created in collaboration with playwright Pascal Chevarie and seven performers with a variety of talents. Jean encourages the actors to become an integral part in creating this work for theatre by contributing their memories and experiences. Sandra Coppola’s camera follows the artists in this collaborative, day-to-day creative process.


Sandra Coppola

After travelling and teaching English and French in Asia for almost two and a half years, Sandra Coppola returned to the Université du Québec à Montréal in 2005 to finish her bachelor’s degree. Her graduating project was the innovative short film Un week-end à la campagne (2007), which won the Norman McLaren Award at the 2007 Montreal International Film Festival.
Filmography | La respiration de l'abeille (2017) ; Incoming Call (2015) ; Quartier par quartier - Mile-end vu par Sandra Coppola & Sylvain Poirier (2012) ; Une fois de plus (2009) ; Poupée (2008) ; Un week-end à la campagne (2007).

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