Canada | 2017 | 0 min
French, English
Concept: Nathalie Bondil, Anna Lupien, Mélanie Deveault, Mathieu Thuot-Dubé, Thibault Zimmer


Presented in partnership with FIG55 Productions and Rakoon studio

EducArt, the museum for all, everywhere, and otherwise

EducArt is an interdisciplinary pedagogical tool online based on the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts’ collection, through 350 works of art. Through a cross-disciplinary reading of its encyclopedic collection, the Museum created 75 video clips and 200 texts in order to break down the barriers, and look further. What does a neuroscientist have to say about art dealing with memory, a slam poet inspired by a sculpture, or a biologist about works that are associated with the environment? EducArt is an invitation for high school teachers of all subjects, as part of pilot projects in each of Quebec’s seventeen administrative regions.


Anna Lupien

Expressing interest in both artistic creation and social issues, Anna Lupien dedicated herself to directing, research, writing, and image editing. She directed several short films and her photographic work have been exhibited at the Cinémathèque québécoise and at the Youngplace art gallery, Toronto.
Filmography | Tomber dans l'oeil : Regards sur la diversité sexuelle (2017) ; Emmanuelle Léonard. Entrer dans les ordres (2017) ; Jean-Pierre Aubé. Paysagiste de l’invisible (2017) ; Angela Grauerholz. Posséder les images (2017) ; Aime comme Montréal (2017) ; Nicolas Lachance. La routine analogique (2017) ; Portrait d’Auriette Breton, exposition Patrimoines (2016) ; L’Art de l’inclusion, la parole aux jeunes musulmans (2016) ; Serge Tousignant, les lieux habités (2016) ; Le Tableau rescapé (2015) ; La Pastèque au Musée (2013).

Mélanie Deveault

Mélanie Deveault has an Master of Arts in Art History from the Université de Montréal and a NA in Museology from the Université du Québec à Montréal. She was an Art History teacher for more than 10 years, and she is now an education designer for the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, continuing her reflexion about education in museum as multidisciplinary.

Mathieu Thuot-Dubé

Mathieu Thuot-Dubé is an education designer, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

Thibault Zimmer

Thibault Zimmer is a education project manager, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

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