The International Festival of Films on Art - 39TH Edition from March 16 to 28, 2021

ENVOL entre fleuve et ciel

Canada | 2018 | 13 min
Cinematography: Jade Barrette, Steeve Desrosiers, Chantal DuPont, Richard Boudrias
Sound mixing: Martin Hurtubise
Editing: Chantal DuPont
Narration: Chantal DuPont, Daniel Gadouas
Director: Chantal DuPont
Categories :
FIFA Experimental


This film is available online HERE

Over the course of a year, Chantal duPont filmed the river, the sky and the seasons’ shift, as seen from her window. Language and poetry merge with the landscape, somewhere between image and sound, silence and the river’s whispers. For the artist, the passage of time becomes a source of creative power. This is the final video work from Chantal duPont, a true leading light in Canadian visual and media arts who passed away in winter 2019.


Chantal DuPont

Chantal duPont was born in Montréal. A multidisciplinary artist, she took part in several cinema and video festivals as well as individual and collective exhibitions in Quebec and abroad. Her video works are nationally and internationally acclaimed, and she won the 2005 Bell Canada Award in Video Art in recognition of her exceptional contribution to the art form.
From 1996 to 2019, when she passed away, the content of her videos and installations focused on family and cultural identity, self-representation, the vulnerability of the body, and individual and collective memory. Chantal DuPont also explored new forms of digital narrative.

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Filmography | ENVOL : entre fleuve et ciel (2018) ;à de l'espace (2018) ; Les yeux dans les yeux (2016) ; Cartes et territoires, Un parcours (2015) ; À fleur de peau (2013)

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