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Ernest Pignon-Ernest, à taille humaine

France | 2019 | 52 min
Author: Yann Coquart
Cinematography: Samuel Picas
Sound mixing: Bruno Lagoarde
Music: Stéphanie Blanc, Jérôme Levatois
Producer: Jean-Pierre Bailly, Corine Janin
Voice: Sarah-Jane Sauvegrain
Production: Caoline Maret
Director: Yann Coquart


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North American Premiere

Sometimes called the “father of street art,” Ernest Pignon-Ernest has taken his art and his message all over the world. His now-iconic pieces are often printed on fragile materials and are exposed to the street and the elements. Socially engaged and charged with humanity, Pignon-Ernest’s works have spoken to key issues in recent history including abortion rights, apartheid, AIDS and human suffering. Under the artist’s hand, walls transform into striking visual reminders of the violence both suffered and inflicted by humans. A fascinating look at the working methods of this engaging creator.

Marché International du Film sur les Artistes Contemporains, France (2019) - Grand Prix


Yann Coquart


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