Divino Inferno [Et Rodin créa la Porte de l'Enfer]

France | 2017 | 61 min
Author: Bruno Aveillan, Zoé Balthus, Stephan Levy-Kuentz
Editing: Mircea Cantor, Mathilde Morières, Bach Thanh Long
Production: ARTE France, Fix Studio, Les Bons Clients, Noir, Quad, RMN-Grand Palais


North American Premiere

In this documentary, director Bruno Aveillan focuses on the creative process behind The Gates of Hell, by Auguste Rodin. Defined as one of the most important artistic masterpieces of history, this mythical sculpture encompasses all of its creator’s secrets, as well as the intimate building blocks of his genius. In it, we see the immeasurable Rodin, forever oscillating between heaven and hell, as he would spend almost 30 years, until his last breath, without ever seeing this masterpiece consecrated – a piece reuniting all of his inspirations, his techniques, the human condition, his life as a man, and the women that he loved. Perfectly chiseled, this film is a true restoration of Rodin’s work, as it lends an innovative look at the artist from an artist’s point of view.


Bruno Aveillan

Bruno Aveillan is a filmmaker and a contemporary artist. He has set the benchmark for the luxury genre with his refined aesthetic and superbly arresting images. He's one of the most distinguished and internationally sought after directors across the globe in the communication industry.
Filmography | Shape Your Time (2015) ; NOIR (2015) ; J12 (2014) ; Ten Little Fingers (2013) ; L'Odyssée de Cartier (2012) ; Papillon (2011) ; Morpholap (2010) ; A Journey (2008) ; W.H.E.A.T. (2008) ; DIOTOPES (2008) ; Minotaur-Ex (2003) ; Anthem (2002) ; La Foule (1994).

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