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Canada | 2019 | 3 min
- Without dialogue | Subtitles in French
Author: Isabelle Kanapé
Cinematography: Antoine Aphesbero, Simon Gionet
Editing: Simon Gionet
Director: Isabelle Kanapé


This film is available online HERE

World Premiere

A man is put to the test after spreading rumours about a village elder. Ka tatishtipatakanit (Éthéré) is a lyrical lesson about respect.


Isabelle Kanapé

Isabelle Kanapé is from the Innu nation and was born in Pessamit. Isabelle’s directorial debut was in 2013, when she created Caserne 79 in collaboration with the Wapikoni. She was also part of the feature documentary Québékoisie, produced with the assistance of the National Film Board of Canada. This proud Innu enjoys sharing her culture, is interested in politics and web technology, and works as a prevention officer at the Pessamit Fire Department.

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Filmography | Ka tatishtipatakanit (Éthéré | Ethereal) ; Caserne 79 ; Caserne 79 - Premiers sceaux (Fire Brigade 79 ) ; Ka Mitshelitakuess Auass (L'enfant qui plantait des clous | The Child Who Hammered Nails)

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