The International Festival of Films on Art - 39TH Edition from March 16 to 28, 2021

Fear in Motion

Canada | 2020 | 6 min
French | Subtitles in English
Author: Étienne Lepage
Cast: Frédérick Gravel
Choreography: Frédérick Gravel
Composer: Philippe Brault
Director: Yako (Jean-Christophe Yacono)


This film is available online HERE

World Premiere

Fear in Motion is a short film showcasing a unique choreography between a photographer and a dancer. Featuring thousands of “freeze on photographs” captured by the artist Yako, this work was filmed during rehearsals for Fear and Greed by Frédérick Gravel at Usine C.


Yako (Jean-Christophe Yacono)


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Filmography | Digital Snow (2002) ; Wonderland (2008) ; Musicbox 2 (2009) ; Eros (2016) ; Screen (2018) ; On Stage Vol 1(2019) ; Frank (2018) ; Fear in Motion (2020)

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