Femmes Artistes : Kiki Smith

Germany | 2016 | 26 min
German, French
Cinematography: Christophe Lerch
Distribution: Phlox Films
Editing: Anette Fleming
Music: Eva Jantschitsch
Producer: Claudia Müller
Production: Phlox Films


American artist Kiki Smith is among the most significant artists of her generation. The recurrent subject matter in Smith’s work has been the body as a receptacle for knowledge, belief, and storytelling. Life, death, and resurrection are thematic signposts in many of Smith’s installations and sculptures. For her virtual exhibition in this episode of the Artistes femmes series directed by Claudia Müller, Kiki Smith has chosen the theme of nature. She presents other women artists working with natural materials or creating images of nature.


Claudia Müller

Born in Bergneustadt, Germany, in 1964, Claudia Müller studied German literature, journalism and arts in Berlin and Cologne. She worked for filmmakers Peter Greenaway and Krzystof Zanoussi. Since 1991, she has worked as a television journalist and director on numerous film portraits, videos, interviews and documentaries. She is interested in the visual arts and has made many films about artists, from Jenny Holzer to Kiki Smith, Shirin Neshat, Valie Export and Cindy Sherman.
Filmography | VALIE EXPORT (2015) ; The Universe of Kiki Smith (2014) ; The New York Waterfront (2012-2013) ; Hoffmanns fabelhafte Welt der Gemüse (2012-2013) ; Hans Neuenfels (2011) ; Art Clash (2011) ; Shirin Neshat (2010) ; Annette Humpe (2010) ; Verliebt in die DDR ( in love with the GDR) (2010) ; About Jenny Holzer (2009).

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