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FIFA CONNEXIONS | XN | 20 mars | Le blockchain adapté au documentaire de création ?

| 0 | 90 min
Participation: Badel Média, Xn Québec
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FIFA Connexions


With the participation of Badel Media
In collaboration with Xn Québec


Analysis | Clinique Xn
What is the blockchain? How to use this cryptocurrency technology that everyone is talking about but only few people still use? Highlighting his ongoing projects and researches, including an upcoming study commissioned by Telefilm Canada and the Canadian Media Fund, Manuel Badel will answer to all your questions on the subject. Indeed, the blockchain seems to be the answer of some of the production and the documentary broadcast needs.


Manuel Badel - Consultant - Badel Media

Specialist in blockchain applications in the creative industries and CIO Certified Blockchain Professional, Manuel Badel, with Groupe Média TFO, initiated Blockchain TFO, the first prototype in the Canadian broadcasting industry. He organized the first conference on blockchain in a major festival (Berlinale-EFM 2018) and is also the author of the first research on blockchain and the media industries in Canada (2019). Prior to founding Badel Media, Manuel Badel was a manager at Telefilm Canada, for the administration of the CMF programs, and for film and television tax credits at SODEC.

Badel Media is an innovation-focused consulting service specializing in financing and business models in digital media, and a precursor in the understanding and implementation of blockchain technology in the creative and media industries. Badel Media relies on a broad network in Canada and internationally and has a deep understanding of support mechanisms for content production and distribution. Badel Media also contributes regularly to projects, conferences and workshops on digital media and blockchain.

Jenny Thibault - Executive director - Xn Québec
She joined the NFB marketing team in 2004, where she contributed to the rise of the first digital works and interactive installations. She is also the co-founder of the FME (Emerging Music Festival in Abitibi-Témiscamingue), a multi-award winning musical event with which she has evolved over the last 17 years. At the helm of Xn Québec, the Digital Experiences Producers Association since 2017, she has the mandate to be at the heart of structuring issues for the Quebec digital creativity industry.

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