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FIFA CONNEXIONS | 21 mars | Focus Architecture | Classe de maître de Gilles Saucier

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FIFA Connexions


In partnership with Ordre des Architectes du Québec (OAQ)


With honor Gilles Saucier, a transcendent architect, will give us a Masterclass on the relationship between architecture and picture. With the participation of Nathalie Dion, President of the OAQ. Ms. Dion will moderate a conversation with Gilles Saucier and the audience following the Masterclass.

Gilles Saucier - Architect

In 1982, Gilles Saucier graduated in architecture from Laval University in Quebec City. Designer and senior partner, he supervises each design project ensuring that his design associates accomplish all criterias. Every since his commitment to design excellence is recognized by the international architectural press.
Since 1990, Gilles Saucier has been teaching architecture as a professor and critic guest giving lectures in Canadian and American universities, such as the MIT, University of Montreal, McGill, University of Toronto, UBC and Seattle University. He was invited to attend the AIA San Francisco, the Phyllis Lambert International Seminar at University of Montreal and the Canada’s General Delegation to promote Canadian culture throughout a series of state visits to Finland and Iceland. Furthermore, his photography work approaches the new perspectives theories guiding the Saucier + Perotte Architecte agency's work and research.

Nathalie Dion - President
Nathalie Dion has been the president of Ordre des architectes du Québec since May 2013. During her many years in practice, both in the private and the public sector, Nathalie Dion has acquired a vast experience, based not only on the traditional practice of architecture, but on project management as well, especially within multidisciplinary teams working in integrated design processes. Her role consists of accompanying clients during the development and construction phases in order for them to make informed decisions. Nathalie Dion has also been involved in the writing of programs and feasibility studies, which are important steps to ensure the quality of projects. Her clients benefit from her rich expertise given her knowledgeable, comprehensive outlook on the construction process. Her experience as president of Ordre des architectes du Québec has allowed her to be more aware of the social importance of architecture and the role architects can play.

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