For Sunrise

United States | 2018 | 4 min
- Without dialogue | Subtitles in English
Cinematography: Andre, Dongsun Kim, Jihee Shon
Cast: Bo Pressly
Editing: Jean De Boysson
Music: Isang Yun
Director: Hyonok Kim


World Premiere - In attendance of the Dancer Bo Pressly.

This homage to sunrise is inspired by the director’s fascination with this magical time of day, when the sky offers a spectacle of dazzling colours.


Hyonok Kim

Hyonok Kim is Award winning choreographer and director. Gold Award Dance on Camera for Teile dich Nacht, New York, International New York Film Festival Best Experimental Award, Grand Prix Teruel International Video Competition, Spain, Winnie Award Equus Film Festival. She has choreographed and directed 15 dance films such as Dance with Horses, ...
Filmography | For Sunrise (2018); Dance With Horses (2017); Passion & Reborn (2013); Ode on a Korean Urn (2011); Isle of The Waiting Souls (2006); Teile Dich Nacht (1992)

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For Sunrise
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For Sunrise

United States | 4 min | 2018

- Without dialogue | Subtitles in English

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