Gao Bo – Dans le noir de l’Histoire

France | 2016 | 98 min
Cinematography: Sylvain Briend
Editing: Baptiste Evrard
Music: Siegfried Canto
Narration: Alain Fleischer
Producer: Weixing Zhong, Alain Fleischer
Sound: Danielle Schirman
Production: Sichuan Sino-Canada Film And Television Spreading Production C., Ltd, Le Fresnoy – Studio National Des Arts Contemporains, Maison Européenne De La Photographie
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FIFA Competition


Presented in partnership with ICI ARTV

In the fall of 2015, in his studio on the outskirts of Beijing, Gao Bo is preparing for a series of four multimedia exhibitions entitled The Great Darkness—From GAO BO to GB, slated for the Tokyo Gallery between December 2015 and February 2016. For over thirty years, the Chinese artist has been creating a unique body of works at the crossroads of photography, installation and performance. Born in 1964 during the Cultural Revolution, he has pursued his career despite the many obstacles. Director Alain Fleischer films him in his studio, the site of finished and unfinished works, as he recalls his childhood under Mao.


Alain Fleischer

Writer, film director, artist and photographer Alain Fleischer was born in Paris in 1944. He has been honoured by the French Academy in Rome and holds honorary doctorates from the Université du Québec à Montréal and the European Humanities University in Vilnius. In 1997, he founded Le Fresnoy, the National Studio of Contemporary Arts, and has been its director ever since. He is the author of more than 50 literary works and 350 films. His work has been the focus of many retrospectives.
Filmography | Une photographie de la maison (2013) ; Anthony Caro, la sculpture comme religion (2008) ; Le frivole et le complexe - la dentelle d'Alençon (2007) ; Pierre Klossowski ou l'éternel détour (1996) ; À la recherche de Christian B. (1990).

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