Gilles Vigneault Kaskanatshu

Canada | 2018 | 4 min
French | Subtitles in French
Editing: Pascal Plante
Cinematographer: Ariel St-Louis Lamoureux
Sound: Pascal Plante
Director: Germaine Mestenapéo


World Premiere

This moving short film features the great poet and storyteller Gilles Vigneault telling Innu children the extraordinary story of Kaskanatshu, “the man who came from the waves” in the Innu-aimun language. A wonderfully dreamlike tale related by one of Quebec’s most beautiful voices.


Germaine Mestenapéo

Germaine worked in Communications and at the Canadian Museum of History in Gatineau before obtaining her bachelor’s degree in social work from the University of Quebec. She discovered legends and art intervention while at university, and it’s while she worked with Innu youth that she realized how important it was to rekindle the imagination in order to promote Innu culture and language.
Filmography | Innucadie: Ka iatanutshenanit (2009); Pien Atikus (2012); Avec joie je me souviens - Minuentakuan Tshesishtamak (2013); La Banique (2012); Maniakat Nakau (2012)

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Cinéma du Musée, Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal
Screening # 13
Gilles Vigneault Kaskanatshu
FIFA Official selection

Gilles Vigneault Kaskanatshu

Canada | 4 min | 2018

French | Subtitles in French

Secret Song
FIFA Competition

Secret Song

United States | 62 min | 2018

English, German | Subtitles in English