Guilda – Elle est bien dans ma peau

Canada | 2014 | 52 min
Cinematography: Rénald Bellemare
Distribution: Phare-Est Média Inc.
Editing: Julien Cadieux
Music: Claude Fournier
Producer: Cécile Chevrier
Sound: Marcel Fraser, Georges Hannan
Production: Phare-Est Média Inc.


Presented in partnership with the Consulat général de Suisse à Montréal

For more than 55 years, Jean Guida de Mortellaro embodied Guilda, the incomparable drag queen who had a strong impact Quebec’s popular culture. Wearing dazzling costumes adorned with sequins and feathers, Guilda was one of the first transvestites to tour the world. In this documentary about the queen of the Montreal cabaret scene, filmmaker Julien Cadieux inteviews the artist at length, revealing the duality that remains within him even to this day. Dispossessed of Guilda’s charismatic and provocative personality, the Frenchman, now a venerable 88, talks about his remarkable career and his often difficult relationship with his alter ego.

A production by a member of APFC (Alliance des Producteurs Francophones du Canada).


Julien Cadieux

Julien Cadieux graduated in film from Concordia University in 2011. He has written and made many short films, including Récits d'hyperinflation (2011), which was honoured with several awards, and Julie au bois (2012). As a documentary filmmaker, he made Habiter la danse (2009), which was produced by the National Film Board, and received the Prix La Vague at the Festival international du cinéma francophone en Acadie in 2009. He co-directed the television series 1755, la gang arrive. In 2014, he made the feature-length documentaries Guilda : Elle est bien dans ma peau and Le chant du phare, which explores efforts to preserve Canada’s maritime heritage.
Filmography | Le Chant du phare (2014) ; La Julie au bois (2012) ; Récits d'Hyperinflation (2011) ; Habiter la Danse (2009) ; Le Vieux Garçon (2010) ; Poussière Bleue (2009) ; Mez'elles (2009).

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