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Haida Modern

Canada | 2019 | 80 min
Cinematography: Wilkinson / Schliessler
Cast: Robert Davidson
Sound mixing: Bill Sheppard
Director: Charles Wilkinson
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FIFA Competition


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Quebec Premiere

Haida Modern presents artist Robert Davidson, a Haida sculptor, painter and engraver. We hear from art historians, politicians, rock stars and members of Davidson’s family who describe how the artist carved the first totem pole raised in 100 years, an act credited with the renaissance of this coastal Indigenous culture. The film also highlights the central role that art continues to play for people from California to Alaska: in their homes, in their lives, in their own bodies. It is this culture, over 14,000 years old, that now calls the Western world to rethink its relationship with its environment.

Yukon’s Available Light Film Festival, Canada (2020) - Best Canadian documentary
Vancouver International Film Festival, Canada (2019) - Best Canadian documentary


Charles Wilkinson

Charles Wilkinson has a large body of both documentary and dramatic films to his credit. He is best known for the critically-acclaimed Haida Gwaii: On The Edge Of The World which won Most Popular Canadian Documentary at Vancouver International Film Festival, National Film Critics Best Documentary, the Director’s Guild Allan King Award for Excellence in Documentary and Best Canadian Documentary at Hot Docs – the largest documentary festival in North America. Charles’s other recent work includes Vancouver: No Fixed Address, Oil Sands Karaoke, Peace Out and Down Here. Before moving into documentaries, Charles directed feature films, acclaimed TV movies for Disney, ABC & CBS as well as TV series like Road to Avonlea, Dead Man's Gun and The Highlander.

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Filmography | Haida Modern (2019) ; Vancouver: No Fixed Address (2017) ; Haida Gwaii: on the Edge of the World (2015) ; Oil Sands Karaoke (2013) ; Peace Out (2012)

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