Switzerland | 2017 | 52 min
German | Subtitles in French
Animation: Anka Schmid
Author: Anka Schmid
Cinematography: Daniel Leippert
Costume: Dorothea Schmid
Sound mixing: Christian Beusch
Editing: Marina Wernli
Music: Dominik Blumer, Thomi Christ, Roman Lerch
Narration: Sophie Rois
Sound: Markus Graber


Presented in partnership with SWISS FILMS

North American Premiere – Director in attendance

Spotlight: Country – Switzerland. Hairy, tame, and sensual, this documentary directed by Swiss artist Anka Schmid likes splitting hairs about the human mane, with both humour and finesse. A refined composition of filmed footage, archive pictures, and animated sequences, punctuated by autobiographical interjections. This film offers a passionate look at our hairy parts in our daily lives, in art, and in times of revolution. This varied flow of images acts as the conductor, accompanied by pieces by artists such as Cindy Sherman and Manon, who tie art to politics though the use of skin and hair. A testimony to the social impact hair can have, and a throwback to the director’s artistic career, which once included animating hearts made of curly hair on women’s busts.


Anka Schmid

Anka Schmid works as a filmmaker, video artist, and media lecturer. Internationally renowned for her documentary films, she has made films for cinema and television as well as art videos and installations since 1986. She has been honored with numerous awards and her movies were shown at international film festivals as Sundance and Locarno. In Hairy, she consolidates her artistic versatility to create a multifaceted essay.
Filmography | La Dada – King Deer (2016) ; Wild Women – Gentle Beasts (2015) ; Fe-Male (2014) ; Marzili Badi (2012) ; Against All Odds (2011) ; Isa Hesse – Rabinovitch (2009) ; Yello – Electropop Made in Switzerland (2005) ; The Miracle of the Engadin (Das Engadiner Wunder) (2000) ; Little Sister (1998) ; Magic Matterhorn (1995) ; Hinter Verschlossenen Türen (1991) ; Techqua Ikachi, Land – My Life (1989) ; Habibi – A Love Letter (1986).

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Centre Canadien d’Architecture – Théâtre Paul-Desmarais / Canadian Centre for Architecture – Paul-Desmarais Theatre
Screening # 18
Presented by SWISS FILMS
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Switzerland | 52 min | 2017

German | Subtitles in French