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Harry Gruyaert - Photographer

Belgium | 2018 | 66 min
French, English | Subtitles in English
Cinematography: Jimmy Kets
Editing: Jurgen Buedts
Music: Tuur Florizoone
Director: Gerrit Messiaen


North American Premiere

A portrait of photographer Harry Gruyaert, born in Antwerp, Belgium, in 1941. Raised in a rigid Catholic tradition, with a strict father who saw art as a sin, Gruyaert left his country at a young age to travel and become an artist. He viewed the world through the lens of a camera, and his travels inspired him to bring colour and light into his work. Through family archives and numerous photos of the artist, the film paints a portrait of a man driven by curiosity and an insatiable desire to capture the essence of his world in a unique way.


Gerrit Messiaen

Gerrit Messiaen (°Kortrijk, 1964) studied Communication Sciences at the University of Ghent. After an apprenticeship as screenwriter with the VRT television fiction department, he worked two years as a producer for Frans Buyens and Lydia Chagoll. In 1996 he directed “A journey with Paul Cox”, a documentary portrait of the Australian filmmaker Paul Cox. “A journey with Paul Cox “ was distributed by Films Transit (Montreal) and New Video (New York). The film was invited to several international film festivals (Sydney, Brisbane, Istanbul, Utrecht, Brussels, Lisbon, Dublin). In 1998 Gerrit Messiaen directed with Peter Krüger a short documentary “The dance of Roberte”, for the ARTE special evening “Saturday night in Europe”. “Until my last Breath”, a documentary portrait of the Belgian film director Frans Buyens, won an award for the best Belgian documentary at the Film Festival of Brussels 2000 (Henri Storck award). Gerrit Messiaen’s first feature film “Hide and seek” was selected for the Ghent Film Festival (2002) and won an award for “Best European Film” at the international film festival in Siena (Italy) in 2003. His most recent film, "Lucien Hervé, photographer despite himself” (2013) is a film about the essence of the work and life of one of the most important photographers of architecture of the 20th century.
Filmography | Lucien Hervé, photographe malgré lui (2013); Hide and Seek (2003); Jusqu’à mon dernier souffle (1999); A journey with Paul Cox (1997)

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