Heidi at the Foley Artist

Switzerland | 2016 | 14 min
German | Subtitles in English
Cinematography: Peter Indergand
Distribution: Milos-Films
Editing: Thomas Bachmann, Christian Frei
Music: Chick Corea
Producer: Francine Pickel, Isabelle Zampiero, Vincent Adatte
Production: Milos-Films


A young actress playing the title role in the new Heidi film is intrigued by the sound engineer. Nine-year-old Anuk takes viewers into a mysterious studio where she becomes part of a fascinating experiment: creating the sound effects for a scene from the adaptation of Johanna Spyri’s novel. An enlightening lesson about a legendary film character and the importance of the soundtrack.


Christian Frei

Christian Frei was born in Schönenwerd, Switzerland, in 1959. He completed audiovisual studies at the University of Fribourg and made his first documentary in 1981. In 1984, he began working as an independent filmmaker and producer. In 1997, he made Ricardo, Miriam y Fidel, portrait of a Cuban family torn apart by the revolution and their desire to immigrate to the United States. In 2001, War Photographer, about the work of James Nachtwey, was nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Documentary Feature category.
Filmography | Sleepless in New York (2013) ; Space Tourists (2009) ; The Giant Buddhas (2005) ; War Photographer (2001) ; «Bollywood» im Alpenrausch (2000) ; Kluge Köpfe (1998) ; Ricardo, Miriam y Fidel (1997) ; Der Radwechsel (1984) ; Die Stellvertreterin (1981).

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Heidi at the Foley Artist
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Heidi at the Foley Artist

Switzerland | 14 min | 2016

German | Subtitles in English