Hergé, à l'ombre de Tintin

France | 2016 | 81 min
Cinematography: Grégoire De Callignon
Distribution: TERRANOA
Editing: Mathilde Morieres
Music: Michel Korb
Narration: Laurent Stocker
Producer: Corine Janin
Sound: Matthieu Daude
Production: GEDEON Programmes, ARTE, MOULINSART SA, RTBF


Produced for the exhibition Hergé at the Grand Palais in Paris, this film by Hugues Nancy immerses viewers in the world of Tintin. It also deconstructs the creative process of Georges Remi, the Belgian cartoonist better known as Hergé, while looking back at his artistic path. In each stage of his life, from his early days as a Boy Scout to his lifelong fascination with contemporary art, Tintin was never far away. Interviews with fans and experts, as well as Hergé himself, allow us to better understand the phenomenon of Tintin, whose fame exceeded that of his creator. We discover a gifted and single-minded man who, at the end of his life, was a prisoner to his craft, chained to his drawing table.


Hugues Nancy

A writer and director of documentaries, Hugues Nancy has written some twenty films in the fields of history and sociology. He also co-wrote and directed the film Picasso, l’inventaire d’une vie (2014), which won the Award for Best Portrait at the 2014 FIFA.
Filmography | François le pape qui veut changer le monde (2015) ; François Mitterrand albums de familles (2015) ; Elles étaient en guerre 1914-1918 et 1939-1945 (2015) ; Louis Renault et André Citroën, la course du siècle (2011) ; De Gaulle et l’Algérie le prix du pouvoir (2010) ; Mitterrand à Vichy, le choc d’une révélation (2008)

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