Histoires d'Israël

France | 2017 | 53 min
Hebrew | Subtitles in French
Author: Blanche Finger, William Karel
Other: Christiane Ratiney
Cinematography: Avner Shahaf
Editing: Pauline Pallier
Manager: Ran Pasternak
Sound: Idan Shemesh
Composer: Siegfried Canto
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FIFA Competition


North American Premiere – Producer in attendance

70 years after the foundation of the state of Israel, 10 iconic Israeli authors, including David Grossman, Amos Oz, and Zeruya Shalev, draw up the state of things in their country: its values, its fears, its contradictions. These men and women of letters draw their inspiration from the ever-permanent climate of tension in which they live. Their works echo the problems that were met by their country when it was founded 70 years ago, including the weight of the past, the Zionist project, Palestinians, religion, the army, social tensions, and territorial divisions. An original and subjective portrait of Israel, where literature leads to geopolitical understanding.


William Karel

After his debuts as a photojournalist, William Karel has directed many historical and political documentaries internationally awards-winning. His works deal with sensitive subjects of the 20th century, including portraits of political and literary figures. He directed a documentary series with Blanche Finger, Jusqu’au dernier. La Destruction des Juifs d’Europe (2014). He won the Europa Gold Prize for his career in 2003.
Filmography | François Mitterrand, que reste-t-il de nos amours ? (2015) ; Jusqu’au dernier. La Destruction des Juifs d’Europe (2014) ; Barack Obama. Au cœur de la Maison-Blanche (2012) ; Album(s) d’Auschwitz (2011) ; Looking for Nicolas Sarkozy (2011) ; Philip Roth, sans complexe (2010) ; Gallimard, le Roi Lire (2010) ; Mais qui a tué Maggie ? (2009) ; La Fille du juge (2005) ; Le Monde selon Bush (2004) ; CIAGuerres secrètes (2003) ; Opération Lune (2003) ; Contre l'oubli (1995).

Blanche Finger

Blanche Finger is a documentary filmmaker. She directed films on the history of the Jewish people with her husband William Karel. She also published Opération « Vent printanier » in 1992 (Éditions La Découverte).
Filmography | Jusqu'au dernier. La Destruction des Juifs d’Europe (2014) ; Album(s) d’Auschwitz (2011) ; Ethel Rosenberg. La Dernière Danse (2003) ; La Cagoule (1996) ; René Bousquet (1993) ; La Rafle du Vel d'Hiv. Opération Vent Printanier, 50 ans après... (1992) ; Vivre seule (1991) ; Jumeaux (1991) ; Les Enfants en miettes (1990) ; Le Crépuscule des vieux (1990).

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