The International Festival of Films on Art Online - 38th edition from March 17 to 29, 2020

Hommage à Méliès

France | 1902 | 120 min


Introduction by Philippe Spurrell, historian and president of the Cineclub Film Society.

In partnership with the International Festival of Films on Art, the Cineclub Film Society serve up a pair of documentaries on one of the most influential filmmakers in the history of the art form. Georges Méliès (1968) by Claude Leroy utilises archival footage and images of artefacts from his earlier period as magician, poster artist and maker of automatons. Le Grand Méliès (1952) by Georges Franju (Eyes Without A Face) rekindled an interest in Méliès in the 1950s with this 31 minute film featuring dramatizations of key moments in his life. These will be followed by a selection of shorts by the great Méliès including the restored hand-coloured version of A Trip to the Moon (1902) all on 16mm and accompanied live on piano.

Tickets: $8 (regular), $6 (students and +65). Tickets available on-site only. Cash only. Opening at 6 pm.

Free admission (subject to availability) for the FIFA passeport owners.

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