Hugo Pratt, trait pour trait

France | 2016 | 56 min
Cinematography: Xavier Liberman, Olivier Raffet, Scott Sinkler
Distribution: Quark Productions
Editing: Yann Coquart
Narration: Lambert Wilson
Producer: Juliette Guigon, Patrick Winocour
Sound: Jean-Luc Péart
Production: Quark Productions


This profile of comic book artist Hugo Pratt looks back over a lifetime of travels, adventures, mysteries and excesses. Born Ugo Prat in Italy in 1927, he was taken by his father at a young age to Ethiopia, at the time occupied by Mussolini’s troops. He was soon fascinated by Africa’s great open spaces, as he would later by those of America and the world of the western. Corto Maltese, his celebrated hero who lives in a world of weapons and magic, represents a turning point in the history of comics. Travelling to Italy, Ethiopia, Argentine, Amazonia, Brazil, London, Paris and Lausanne, this poetic and inventive documentary by Thierry Thomas follows the trail of Hugo Pratt and the thousands of frames he has drawn.


Thierry Thomas

After studies in painting, Thierry Thomas studied film at the Institut des hautes études cinématographiques. He has made some 40 documentaries, primarily about art, opera and literature, including Proust and Dante. He has written a number of books about Hugo Pratt, as well as plays.
Filmography | Roland Barthes, le théâtre du langage (2015) ; Ariane Mnouchkine, au pays du théâtre (2014) ; La fabrique du rire (2013) ; Pierre Arditi, un acteur au présent (2012) ; Marcel Proust, Combray de chambre en chambre (2011) ; Pierre Loti, le voyageur immobile (2011) ; François Mauriac, retours à Malagar (2011) ; Fantômas mène le bal (2008) ; Jean-Michel Ribes, au coeur du rond-point (2005).

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