Jack London, une aventure américaine

France | 2016 | 96 min
Cinematography: Michel Viotte
Distribution: La Compagnie Des Indes
Editing: Bénédicte Mallet
Music: Gréco Casadesus
Narration: Stéphane Freiss
Producer: Gildas Le Roux
Sound: Robin Gobert
Production: La Compagnie Des Indes


The author of The Call of the Wild, White Fang and Martin Eden was the most famous American author of his time. Drawing his subject matter from his tumultuous life, Jack London became the very symbol of adventure at the turn of the last century. From the opening of the American West to the First World War, he both witnessed and participated in the upheavals in American society. His unique personal path is indissociable from his novels, which continue to resonate today. Marking the centenary of his death, Michel Viotte’s docudrama looks back at his extraordinary life, combining interviews with some of America’s foremost specialists and ultra-high definition reconstructions shot in northern Canada, Polynesia and his ranch in California.


Michel Viotte

For more than 20 years, Michel Viotte has been making documentaries for television, specifically, ARTE and France Télévisions. His films, which have been made on all continents, focus primarily on adventure, discovery, memory and artistic creation in all its forms. He is also an archive specialist and is familiar with the workings of the world’s largest archival sources. He has also written many books.
Filmography | Frank Sinatra, ou l'âge d'or de l'Amérique (2015) ; La guerre d'Hollywood 1939-1945 (2013) ; La route du western du Montana au Rio Grande (2012) ; Maori (2011) ; Histoire de jouets (2010) ; La route du blues (2010) ; Jean Malaurie, une passion arctique (2010) ; Les juments de la nuit, récit d'une création (2010) ; Partage de midi, acteurs en liberté (2008) ; L'appel de la forêt (2008).

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