The International Festival of Films on Art - 38th edition from March 17 to 29, 2020

Jaeborn, numéro par numéro

Canada | 2018 | 22 min
English, French, German, Japanese | Subtitles in French
Cinematography: Roger Gariépy
Cast: David Lieber
Sound mixing: Mathieu Morin
Editing: Amélie Labrèche
Music: Anaïs Larocque
Director: Roger Gariépy


World Premiere - In attendance of the Director Roger Gariépy.

In March, 2015, three paintings by artist Matt Jaeborn were auctioned at Christie’s. These works were unique, as they were made from a paint-by-numbers kit when the artist was still a child. What’s more, the triptych sold for the extravagant sum of $14 million. What was behind this outrageous sale? What does it say about the art world? This captivating documentary keeps viewers on their toes with its enthralling investigation into the absurdities of the contemporary art world.


Roger Gariépy

Filmography | Tois pages (2018) ; Fin (2017) ; Original sin (2010)

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