Jean-Paul Jérôme : La couleur, la lumière, la forme


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Presented in partnership with Vie des Arts

World Premiere – Director in attendance

Not only did Borduas, Pellan, Riopelle, and Leduc leave their mark on the artistic world in the 1940s and 1950s, but they also paved the way for other artists inspired by their work, such as Jean-Paul Jérôme, painter, co-founder, and signatory of the Manifeste des Plasticiens in 1955. Directed by André Desrochers, this film presents a daring and hardy artist who lived off music, reading, and writing, and dedicated his life to creating through an intense artistic journey. Privileged testimonies from close ones and rare archived footage help us discover how Jean-Paul Jérôme left a mark on his time: through his impressive knowledge of the world of art, his life philosophy dedicating itself to his work, and his creative vision, in all its aspects. A tale told in images and testimonies, honouring the important Canadian art legacy that he left behind.

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