Jean-Pierre Morin le sculpteur de lumière

Canada | 2016 | 29 min
Cinematography: Philippe Lavalette
Distribution: Les Éditions De Mévius
Editing: Yves Chaput, Odrée Lapointe
Music: David Thomas
Producer: Roger Lupien
Sound: Richard Lavoie, Olivier Léger
Production: Les Éditions De Mévius


Isabelle de Mévius, patron of the arts and founding director of the exhibition centre 1700 La Poste, commissioned Quebec artist Jean-Pierre Morin to create a monumental work that would be a permanent feature of the landscape on Montreal’s Notre Dame Street. In a conversation with filmmaker Suzanne Guy, Morin talks about his career in art and the way he views sculpture. The film, which was made as the commission was being executed, follows Morin’s creative process from the design stage to the completion and installation of the sculptures.


Suzanne Guy

Artist Suzanne Guy’s works attest to an unwavering consistency. With tact and discretion, but also with determination, she addresses societal problems and explores important and often dark topics with a humanistic and hopeful approach. Viewers have always recognized themselves in her work. She also takes an interest in the visual arts and made the film Scrapper l’art (2011) as well as two television series about public art.
Filmography | À tout hasard (2015) ; Vu par hasard (2011) ; Scrapper l'art (2011) ; Bisexualité : territoires secrets (2009) ; La grande é la vie (2001) ; L'arbre de la mémoire (2000) ; L'emprise (1988) ; Les bleus au coeur (1987).

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